Saturday, September 21, 2013


work is work, but it's kinda fun when you get to have theological and scientific discussions with your coworker when you're supposed to be working.
and I get paid holidays.
so it's good. :)
percy jackson: sea of monsters is in theaters, so a friend of mine and I are going to see it.

this friend and I have been discussing personality types and introversion and stuff based on the Briggs-Meyer tests.
when I told her what my type supposedly is she agreed with me, and, when I said I didn't think I knew anyone with me time, she informed me I wouldn't get along with my type anyway. She pointed out that her cousin is the same type.
her cousin doesn't give me the "we'll hit it off great" vibe and we wouldn't get along, yes, I did tell her so.
She said she knows we wouldn't in her words, "you both have walls around your inner world and they would collide and no further progress would be made. it would take a herculean effort for the two of you  to hold a conversation without help. You're the same kind of introvert."
upon explaining this to my mother it has become necessary to explain that there seem to be different kinds of introverts.
unless you're familiar with briggs-meyer it would be pointless to explain, and if you are, it would still be pointless because you already know.
but there's two types of introverts, those like you, and those not like you.
and one of them I can hold a conversation with and other one i'm still working on. :P

Monday, September 2, 2013


friday one of my friends came over to spend the night. that was lots of fun. of course it was fun, we had a giant bag of peanut butter m&ms. with enough sugar, anything is fun.
Unlike most sleepovers, I didn't stay up late, she did, sorta. we had the laptop on the bed with us and we were supposed to be watching snow white and the huntsman, but mostly it was just she was watching it and I went to sleep. She shut it off half way through though and we finished it in the morning.
she also cracked my back for me, which was like, heavenly.
She took me to mass with her (she's catholic, i'm not) which was interesting to say the least. I can't say I don't enjoy the tradition of it. i can say, WHAT IS GOING ON????? cause I was lost most of the time.

work has been going well. I enjoy hanging out with my coworker, she's cool. kinda like a cross between anne of green gabbles and a librarian. and she can draw. she's cool. and really funny when it comes the the mormon boys to who come in to work out.
The radio in the kids room is kinda old. it doesn't read half the songs on the CDs. so we all have to listen to the same six song over and over again. it's sad. :P

my brother didn't pass one of his tests. now he won't be home when he was scheduled to be back. -.- i'm not happy bob, not happy.

there's termination dust on the tops of the mountains. fall is here and winter is coming soon.