Tuesday, July 23, 2013


went swimming yesterday, got sunburned.
my friend and I decided to take the canoe out, which really, i probably shouldn't be trusted with a canoe at all considering how clumsy I am.
my little brother and his friend decided to ram our canoe with theirs and then tip us into the water.
all well and fine until it completely capsized and I was stuck under it.
you know, the sun on the surface of the water above you is really enchanting. to look at.
until it hits you and you panic and manage to get up and then almost sink the boat in a scramble to hold onto something.
I really hate pond weeds, especially when they get tangled around your legs. bleh.
swimming, diving and boating are all fantastically fun which goes against my fear of water. -.-

Sunday, July 21, 2013


well, I'm not allowed to ride my brother's "deathtrap" dirtbike.
but I have successfully bartered school for going to the lake for the day tomorrow.

fun times.