Friday, April 30, 2010

Continuing to lose track of time..

We came out of Moria,  Gandalf's death on the bridge has hit us hard.  I do not believe he expected to meet his match in Moria.  A Balrog of Morgoth!  He died well, at least...

Pippin and Merry comforted each other.  Frodo began to walk away after Boromir released him.  Gimli was very angry.  Boromir had to release Frodo to take hold of Gimli.  I just kinda stood there.  Until Aragorn told me to get the others up.  At which point Boromir got slightly angry.

We had to move quickly.  By evening the Mountains will be swarming with Orcs.

We took the road to Lothlorien and came upon the Nimrodel.  Named after the elven Lady who disappeared.

We were stopped by Haldir and his elves, they would not let us pass.
Gimli was very discourteous.  He told Haldir he would "spit on his grave."
Boromir gave encouragement to Frodo.  For the first time.
Finally Haldir told us to follow him.
We are going now to the Lady of the woods.

Haley here.
I hope whoever is reading this is having fun!  I know I am.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gimli: By Priscilla

Disappointment overwhelms me. Words fail me!

We eventually had left the choice of path to Frodo, he chose Moria and I was so happy... We traveled and eventually reached the gate, it would not open. Frodo asked what the word for friend was and Gandalf answered, "Mellon". The Gate opened.
--But whilst they were contemplating the what the spell written over the door could mean ("Speak friend and enter") and the door wasn't opening, Pippin and Merry had been throwing rocks into the water. This must have awakened some dark terror, for as we finally were upon our entrance, a giant dark beast rose from the waters, it's tentacles reaching forth. It grasped Frodo, yet everyone thought quickly and Boromir and Aragorn began hacking at it and Legolas shot at it. It eventually released Frodo (yet it was still alive) and we all ran through the gate, but low-- the beast crushed the entrance, causing the doors to fall upon itself... There it heard and saw no more.

We came to a staircase after all this occurred and began to climb it, Gandalf lit the stone in his staff and we observed our surroundings. There were skeletons everywhere... We traveled for a far ways and saw many veins of Mithril.

We eventually came to a doorway in which I saw and small window casting light onto a large slab of stone, I knew to well it was a grave stone... There was a fight there with a Troll (Legolas slew it) and some goblins. All else is a blur yet one thing is clear, Gandalf met his equal on the Bridge! A Balrog of Morgoth.

We are all out of the mountain, we are to grieved about Gandalf to think on anything else!

--Gimli son of Gloin

Monday, April 26, 2010

not sure what day it is.
anyway we have gained entrance into Moria. Frodo almost got eaten my a large squide but I shot it. We discovered that moria is a tomb and full of dead dwarves and Yrch (orcs).
Gimli wasn't very happy. He was looking forward to seeing his relatives and having a warm welcome. I feel sorry for him. he is sorrowful now.
Legoals Tharanduilion Greenleaf

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gimli: By Priscilla


Legolas thinks he is so princely having the ability to walk on the snow..... My ax is a good as any light Elves feet.... (*pointy ears indeed!*)

jan, 11
snow on Caradhras.  I can walk on top of the snow.  humans and hobbits can't I learned.  funny I don't learn something new very often.
Frodo fell and the rings slipped.  Boromir picked it up and every one was nervous.  until he gave it back.
Sauruman sent a avalanch.  every one got covered.  Boromir told us we needed to go back or it would be the death of the hobbits.  I think we're going through moria now.

Haley here,  It actualy did snow this morning.  blah.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Gimli: By Priscilla

Jan 8.


One of the stops we had today was at a rocky hill top, some of Saruman's crows flew over. They are his spys, we all had to hide... That was a bad sign.

The Hobbits are learning more about swordsmanship, they knocked down Boromir in a scuffle because he had nicked Pippin's hand. (*that was a laugh*)

Gandalf and I disagree about what path we should take. I say the pass through Moria and he says the Caradhras. Boromir says we should pass through Gondor then through Rohan on our way, bad idea.


-Gimli son of Gloin

Saturday, April 10, 2010

jan. 8
today we reached Hollin.  Elves used to live here.
I was putt on guard duty towards evening.
Boromir tried to  teach the hobits how to fight and ended up getting nocked down.  they nocked down Aragorn also.
then the crebain came.  Nasty crows from dunland. we all had to hide.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Gimli: By Priscilla

Dec 25

We are leaving Rivendell. The company prepare food daily, they are taking lambas bread! That stuff is vile and I detest it. Yet, nothing else will last the journey. *sigh*
Legolas is a fine elf really, maybe I was wrong about him being the stuck up sort, but he is still quite aware of who he is. (He has a killer aim, yet I will never say..)
Aragorn has my full allegiance, he is a fine lad. He seems to have been spending marked amounts of time with Arwen. She is a beautiful woman, her eyes have seen the many things that the years bring, she is wizened by time  yet it shows not in her looks.

-Gimli son of Gloin

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dec. 25
Frodo really is and excellant little halfling, "I will take the ring, though I do not know the way."
Today I'm leaving Imladris, all the reports have come in it is safe for us to leave.
I am traveling with Frodo and Sam to Mordor along with Aragorn, Gandalg, Merry, Pippin and Gimli.
can you believ it Gimli wanted us all to take othes binding us to the fellowship. Elrond was against the idea though. I would readily have taken the oath, but I was against it for Gimli's sake.
Pippin practically forced Elron into letting him go. He said he would have to be tied up in a sack.
well, we're leaving tonight. I have my bow and arrows and my long knife.
Aragorn has his ancient sword.
Boromir has his sword and his horn and wears his sheild like a dinner plat across his back.
Gimli has his ax and his chainmail shirt the little showoff.
Frodo has sting
Sam has his pans.
Merry and Pippin?
anyway it's dusk and we're leaving,
-Legolas Greenleaf Tharanduilion

Hiya, Haley here.
Hope you all are having a good time and are enjoying our little LotR stuff.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gimli: By Priscilla

October the twenty fifth

Elrond summoned many people from different lands to a secret counsel. It was very long but not dull in the least.
I'm going to write what I think of everyone..

Legolas: He has nerve, he offered to take the one ring to Mordor. He thinks he's a fine chap (*the little princling!*).
Boromir: He's one to give mouth...
Frodo: Nice little one, very courageous
Sam: He's a loyal one
Merry and Pippin: The two biggest trouble makers on two legs.
Gandalf: I would come in-between him and what he wants
Aragorn: I'd he honored to call him my king
Elrond: Like any other elf, noble and not to be trusted!

-Gimli son of Gloin
Oct. 25
was in the counsel of elrond today. Boromir was very disrespectful. He didn't seem to know that Aragorn was the rightful king of Gondor, tried to defend him but got told to "Havo dad." sit down.I offered to take the ring but the dwarves went crazy. Fianly the little hobbit stood up and said he would take it. crave little guy. I'm going to mordor with him and the company.
see ya,

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darnit it snowed this morning.oh, well.
I'll be sarting a series on Lord of the rings soon I think it will be really fun. I hope you enjoy it.

Monday, April 5, 2010


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Friday, April 2, 2010

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Thursday, April 1, 2010


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