Monday, February 27, 2012

Nope, I'm not dead.
My pulse is still.... uh... pulsing. I think. let me check.
HOLY SNOT! I don't have a pulse!!!!
*keels over dead*
no, just kidding I do.
:O I don't remember what I've been doing or what I was supposed to do. oh yeah contact Mrs. C
I had something interesting to say.....
On a dare I inhaled some Iodine yesterday. it was the stuff in the capsule I was supposed to take. It felt really weird...
I can't be responsible for people sniffing stuff and either choking on stuff or asphyxiating themselves.
Practically threw a tantrum in the kitchen I couldn't find the dang measuring cup.
I surprise myself on occasion. I think the other day I was trying to find a pair of non-fabric cutting scissors and couldn't. I think I screamed and punched the door..... or maybe i kicked. I don't remember.
BTW, I didn't find the scissors.
I want to find out what the latest hank the cowdog is. :P

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I believe I should probably post something. ok.
as it turns out I don't really have anything to write about today.
I did the lunch dishes. that was kinda fun. Today was an odd day. I didn't feel as 'sparkly' as I have been and I don't know why. I just didn't.
I made a new anklet cause my old one fell off. it was tan. this one is black and blue, I couldn't find more of the tan cording stuff but I found blue so that's what I did.
I did a little bit of writing today. It was good to write again. I enjoy it and will probably write some more this evening.
I've been wanting for it to be critiqued because I don't actually like to read my own writing. It's worse than cross-stitching or going fishing; I just like to write.
The little sis and I taught mom how to play 'horse show'. Now we have to teach it to dad cause Mr. S called it a "dad friendly game, meaning we can actually win it."
Rachel took her pillow apart and turned it into one pillow.
I did both algebra and geometry today. I like geometry much betterer than algebra.

these my friends are some pictures that you might enjoy. I did not create them. I do not own them. I don't know who does though.

3D gives my mom a head ache. just a random fact you might like to know. :P
why did the quick brown fox jump over the lazy dog? didn't he know that its dangerous to hang around a barn yard? he could have been shot! actually his pelt might look nice on the wall.

and why didn't the disciples have enough faith to trust that the boat wasn't gonna sink?
"Guys, I'm taking a nap in the bottom of the boat, do you really think I'm gonna let it sink?" ~Mr. Stratton
I'd never though about it that way before until Sunday.


Monday, February 20, 2012

I went to see the phantom menace in 3D. it was pretty cool. I haven't been to a 3D movie before so it was neat. movies have come a long way since the paper blue and red glasses.
Mom got a zipper to put in her skirt so she can almost finish it. :D it will look pretty... and show off her legs. :) She'll be cut in it.
my bro got me a new journal. leather bound with a Celtic knot on the front and brown ribbon. Its gorgeous.

Friday, February 17, 2012

at the moment I don't know what I feel. I went to history class today and got to hang out with my friends. the majority of the girls in the class I know and have spent quite a bit of time with outside of the class. I enjoy hanging out with the guys in the class too; the teacher's son was my team captain at survival and his friends are pretty fun to hang out and goof off with.
I find that if I want to talk to some one about something I like to hang out with my girl friends but if I want to goof off and have fun, just find the nearest group of guys that I trust and hang. I played dead and bed pretended that he was going to tackle me and surprised me. Thomas did card tricks on us and then we played Frisbee in the church's old sanctuary. Just three guys and me (and the teacher and occasional parent). Guys are fun and easy to hang with. I had a good time after class.
But I also didn't really get to talk to Sabrina, which saddens me cause she is a close friend.
I also told my sewing teacher yesterday about my cutting. that was a bit hard.
I haven't been up to too much lately. I was at and did judo on tuesday but only went and watched on thursday.

so I'm waiting. trying to get friends over to the house tomorrow.
Mom wants to have a family over. I kinda think it will be fun but I kinda dread it. I wanted to know if the girl who was befriending me was real (since not all of my experiences in this department have been great) so I told her what I had done.
This wasn't a great move on my part since now I feel like she's digging or pushing to know how i'm doing every Sunday. It's not bad and she means well I know but it's getting old since she doesn't know me that well. She hasn't yet earned my whole trust. I lover her and she is a great girl. She simply has not earned my trust in that kind of way.
So I feel claustrophobic.
though she's cool. She has a heart for God and she's full of love and compassion from what I've seen (like I said we don't know each other fantastically well) it's just the feeling I have about her.

On the other hand, with the friends that I love and trust and have known for a long time I'm willing to open up to. I trust them and love them to death.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happeh Valentine's day people! Have a great day with who ever it is you are spending the day with. family, friends or who ever.
this person is celebrating singles awareness day but I get to with my friends happy valentine's. cause they are the sweetest, excitingest, taughest people I know. :D

Monday, February 13, 2012

total look-alike

Obi-wan Kenobi from "Star Wars"

Matt moneymaker from "Finding Bigfoot"
I don't know about you guys but I thought that these two guys so look alike.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I"m going dancing tonight! EEEEeeek. it's been forever. I can't wait.

Friday, February 10, 2012

ah! I've been down in the school room all day sewing and I've gotten a lot done but I found out that I do not like dealing with Boning in dresses. it's been a nightmare so far. The worst part though was that the last episode of the clone wars whatchyamaycallit. episode 4.18 part four in a four part story. It was not nearly as climactic as I was expecting. rather disappointing.
but that's ok.
this weeks theme clone wars theme (yeah apparently they do that): "trust is a gift that must be earned"
the little bro stayed home last night from judo as usual but he was watching Clone wars. kinda jealous but not really. I got to go out with mom and get stuff to work on my dress. I think I'm gonna love my dress.
love it.
I can't wait. I"m gonna work on it today. :D
One of the little girls at judo said she wanted to learn to make a dress. I'm thinking that some time when my sister has her friend over I should see if this little girl can come over and hang out with me. :P

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I was drawing on my knuckles. Mom doesn't like it when I draw on my knuckles but it brings back fond memories of standing around with seven other people in the cold and the wet and the rain.
See, using your knuckles you can make a topographical map with alternates between 3D and stationary. Then you can color it in and make it all pretty but unless you live near a mountain range that looks like four protrusions on your fist it's not gonna help you get anywere. So don't try it. You'll be as lost as a parrot under four feet of arctic sea ice.
Or a Frisbee on the roof. Frisbees do not belong on the roof of my families house. Especially if the Frisbee is white and the roof is covered with snow. Fortunately it landed with the blue print side up. :D
I  was worried about losing the disk in the snow since the disk is white and there is snow all over the place and if we lost it I wouldn't get it back until spring which isn't for about two months.
the littles and I had a fun time while we were able to play; if was fun to work the kinks out of our throws and work on them till the wind came. I even got the disk to go were I wanted with a throw I hadn't really ever tried before. That felt good. it would have been even cooler to work on my hammer but my little sister is small and I'm afraid of hitting her in the face with it or losing it in the snow. so I didn't try.
the little sis I didn't let throw towards the house because she doesn't always get it in the area that she wants it in and it wouldn't be a good thing if she hit a window. She also got to get the frisbee when it flew into the four feet of snow because she was the only one who bothered to put snow pants on.
It was a whopping 34 degrees out so I just threw on a sweatshirt and boots but didn't think to put snowpants on and neither did the little bro making the little sis the designated disk-getter.
At the moment the little bro and mom are playing dominoes next to me as i write this on the laptop. I think mom is losing. They are also eating chips. I don't know what the little sis is doing. Probably skating in the garage or listening to Adventures in Odyssey down stairs.
Instead of going to Judo tonight I'm going to the fabric store with my mom to get thread to sew this dress because you do all the prep work but if you don't have the thread to sew it together, it ain't goin no where. no place. zilch.
And a zipper. If I don't get one of those it's not going to close and we will have some garment malfunctions that would reveal way more than I want to. Not that I want to at all.
The only other fun thing that happened was changing up my email to make it look so much more cooler. the little bro thought it was weird and confusing or something like that.
I think it looks awesome.
I also dinked around with google sites. being slightly on the bored side.
Mom took a two hour nap and made a fantastic dinner for tonight. I can't wait to get my mouth around it.
You would never know that I hate cooking from watching me but I really do. I'm not patient with food.

who likes cooking and what do you like to make?
sweet or salty?
alright I admit, thinking seriously about going back to judo is a little frightening.

I mean, yea, big whoop, I tried to fight a guy almost twice my size. I didn't get very far but I tried and I was angry when I tried and I lost. I don't really know what to think about it except that thinking of going back and fighting more is enough to make me think twice.

It's a feeling that echoes the aftermath of survival.

I might go out and play Frisbee with my little sis. depending on the temperature. I'm not big on subzero Frisbee playing. :P

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Alright I was wrong to go on that last tirade, I'm sorry for picking on churches who don't agree with me. I don't have all the answers and I know I'm not right 100% of the time. I'm sorry.
there. :P
I bought a Frisbee last night :D I almost panicked at the store when I at first, couldn't find an ultimate frisbee disk. the only disks it looked like they had were dinky little ones and 130g disks as apposed to the 175g ultimate disk. Fortunately the ultimate disks had just been shoved to the back of the shelf so I didn't see them at first.
Mom, little sis and I also went to Sears and went Boot shopping. We all bought Tall boots in our respective styles. my brother thinks mine look kinda piratey and says he could see me getting them just so I can play Captain Jack.
We also bought nail polish.

I suppose I should apologies for bashing churches and other people's opinions but I shan't. My opinions are my own and since I didn't name any particular church.....

Monday, February 6, 2012

It's melting...

The snow is actually melting outside. I can't believe it. I know it's not spring. there's going to be about two or three more months of winter ahead before it actually all melts. this is sad. I actually want to go outside and run around and play tag (see I am a normal kid).
My mom found a dead chicken in our coop this morning, we are now down to five hens.
Actually with today's warm weather whatever eggs we get might now be frozen. do you know what happens when Chicken eggs freeze? the yolk gets all funny and gooey. almost solid. they become only good for baking. Not good for eating.

My little brother got sick today with what ever me and my little sister had. poor him. He's currantly laying on the couch and listening to 'The Horse and His Boy' by C.S. Lewis.

this morning I found myself severly lacking during Bible time. Zephania is only three or four chapters and I'd never read it till today. I need to go back and read all those obsure little books at the end of the old testament and read them. We all get told the story of Jonah when we are little so we know the story but I wonder how often we actually read the crash course in marine biology once we've grown up a little. I know I haven't.

I still can't believe the snow has melted off the trees and is dripping off the roof. :P

I'm going to work on my dress in a few minutes. gonna start tackeling the skirt. I pretty much have to make the entire dress out of muslin because it's a straight dress and I don't want a straight dress. I want it full and flared.
When it's finished it will be blue and sparkly black.
last night I was lieing awake thinking about what kind of shoulder/strapps I wanted to do. Because I drew it with one shoulder but I was rethinking if that was really what I wanted to do or if I wanted to do interlacing strapsor some kind of halter or both. I think I'll decide when I get there.

For school I had to read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. That's a fun book. I've read it about three times and unlike Frankenstien I don't mind reading it before bed.
I like it better because it's a picture of humanity: Our sin-nature warring with what we know is right.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

tragical day in my family's house. The Giants won the Super Bowl. *sigh*

The Half-time show was good. :D we switched channels and watched 'Druggs Inc.' instead of Madonna.
The last half of the game was intense enough for me to say Hail Marry and cross myself. I'm not even Catholic but for some reason when the quarterback throws an impossible shot it's a hail marry or somethin, so I crossed mom too.

Today was good.

Yesterday was our dojo's annual tourney, my family. It was good. Got to hang out with Katie, which is something I have not done in a while.
hanging with her and Miranda went way better than it does normally, so I was happy.

Oh, and one more person is added to the list of teasing me about being on cocaine. Katie.
what's up? I've never been on druggs in my entire life but I get teased about being on it? *sigh*

Thursday, February 2, 2012

"as Iron sharpens Iron, so one man sharpens another."
I think Anikan  should have chosen his friends more wisely. Chancellor Palpatine only lead him astray.
that's what I was thinking about this morning when I couldn't sleep because my ear really hurt.

the other thing was that the Characters in star wars leaned towards the moral relativity point of view seeing things as true "from a certain point of view." Possibly not believing in an absolute truth.

Did I mention that "The Phantom Menace" is coming out this year in 3D and that I really want to go see it regardless of the fact that it is science fiction with a particularly atheist/evolutionist slant?