Wednesday, July 23, 2014


once in a while i get really, really tired of reading books for girls or articles by christian people about modesty in girls.
not because i'm not a christian or that i have no modesty and just want to flaunt my body for the sake of the world (or the male gender's) attention.
but because many of these articles and books condemn girls for dressing "immodestly" and not "honoring god" with there clothes and causing men/boys to stumble.
and since there's no hard and fast rules in the bible about how much skin you can show before you're 'immodest' and since what is 'modest' is largely socially fluid, i often become quite frustrated.
also here is a satirical article that pretty much sums up what i think about the general idea of forcing women to "modestly"

and also this one, which is not at all satirical in nature and was actually quite good.

Monday, July 21, 2014

enter the impala

life's been going by so fast lately. As soon as I get used to something new it all changes. particularly my work schedule. people keep leaving.
and then there's school, that's going ok, a little slow since I keep getting stuck, but ok.
we took a trip to Hawaii for my sister's jr national judo tournament. that was a fun trip, though I was sick for a good part of it.
for the last couple of weeks i've been super stressed. i still am a little stressed. but at least work has settled down a little bit.
so we got back and i've been looking at getting a car. but not just any car, i want an impala. an older one.
I love the sound of old cars when you close the doors.
well, i found one, about an hour and a half away from us i think. my brother called him, but he had sold it he said.
then mom comes into my bedroom when i'm trying to sleep all, "lauren, wake up, put a shirt on and wait here, i'll be back in a minute to get you." i was half asleep. "mom, i'm wearing a shirt, what do you need?"
so she goes out, and about seven minutes later everyone in my family hurries into my room with a blindfold.
so they blindfolded me and lead me upstairs asking me how i wanted to die, of all things.
out on the porch thy put a piece of paper in my hand and told me to look down at it, then they took the blind fold off.
at first i wasn't sure what i was holding, and when i did read it i wasn't sure what to think. except that it was crazy wonderful and couldn't actually be happening. but i was excited and started to laugh. but then i realized it was actually happening. my brother had bought and towed home the '69 chevy impala that i'd been wanting so bad and he had given it to me as a graduation gift.
my laugh kind of turned into crying and i hugged my brother. then we all walked across the driveway to see it.
so, my brother is officially one of the most generous people i know.
the car itself isn't running, it's complete rebuild. it needs a new engine, new battery, new brakes, new ignition/cylinder, new interior. pretty much new everything.
and a new paintjob.