Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I find some interesting things in my math book. A few days ago I found a drawing that I had done. And today I just found a printed copy of the jabberwocky.a poem from Alice in wonderland. I find that… odd.

Monday, August 30, 2010

do not stick two copper wires on a nine volt battery then connect the ends. but if you do not heed this warning and walk around the house telling people to touch the bare wires well, make sure you fingers are not completely on the battery thingummies it gets hot. and the people touching it get a rather shocking experiance. oh, and one more thing, don't stick your tongue to it ether especially if you have braces on. if you want a sample of a battery shock just go lick a watch battery for a little while. or bit tinfoil.

Friday, August 27, 2010

judo again

lol that last post may not have made any sense to you what so ever but I found it funny because I see the connections. ;)

okay my most recent interesting topic of conversation is this oh, wait it's not my most recent but the funnier topic.   I find it highly interesting that many people want to say the, oh, boys and girls are equal they can do the same things. girls can do everything boys can... so on and so on. you get the point. I find it funny because all you have to do is walk into the judo class and you can see that we are not equal. I see that the boys tend to fight other boys and us girls prefer to fight other girls about our size and weight. don't get me wrong I have nothing against  fighting the boys I am perfectly okay with doing that (okay, so it can be awkward at times; so what...) I fought the boys last night. oh and there is the fact that the boys (or young men rather) tend to shy away from ighting the girls. anyway. so it's perfectly clear to me that we arenot created equalwhy can't others see it as plainly as I do?
O speaking of judo last night I dislocated on of the girls hips (we think)...on accident but she was fine and able to continue fighting. I on the other hand alost got my rib broken!!!! they say a bone doesn't hurt as it's being broken oly after wards but boy does it hurt when it's almost broken and it feels wierd!! i mean my rib was bending in and I was like hey stop that's weird. oww. that hurts now.
oh, it's also funny when your partner and you are doing a throw well and then the helper tells the little guys watch them and then you screw up like crazy. and had my partner on my back /shoulder in ipon sinogi (sp?) and I lost my palance and started walking backwards to keep my balance... it was funny.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

oh, and here is a drawing I did.  aparently it's pretty accurate. except for the nose. I don't like drawing noses.
anyway that's me.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Suilad, I’m giving notice right now so my readers, you don’t think I have abandoned you.  I have not abandoned you.  I’m just going off line for a while.  No need to worry.  I”lll be back and until then you’ll have priscilla…every now and again. I don’t like long good byes so this is the end. See you all around.

Namarie, edain, elethrim, pereinath (sp?)


P.S. please don’t poke fun of my elvish.  I’m slightly tired. When I’m tired things don’t think straight.

Priscilla, feel free to edit it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I believe that there is no cathedral so beautiful as the one that is grown by God’s hand, no pillars so lovely as thee trees, no vaulted ceiling so magnificent as the sky, no choir so sweet as the voice that is raised in worship to Christ and no song so perfect as the one he places in your heart to be sung at that moment.


 “in every spring there is a different green.”  In all weather there is a different glory.  Whether it is the sun drawing patterns on the ground or rain drops clinging to the pine trees green needles.  Nothing quite like standing with your face to the sky with the rain pouring down and the breeze blowing gently through your hair.


Ok guys, I need you to pray for my sister.  She’s sick and vomiting like crazy.  Poor girl.  I’m not feeling to well ether.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

think tonight is really the first night that I have actually felt the sweat dripping down my face in judo. lol.

I was tired. I wasnot feeling well this afternoon but I decided to go anyway. I almost had to do the five minute drill with the sensei. it's a good thing he found me a partner. I thought I was going to die because I was tired. he wanted us to do speed what'it;s in about 1 in less than 1 sec. I could not do that in any sane streach of the imagination. I don't know what happened but during the five minute drill my partner and I bumped heads.

later my partner (from last week and friend) were called up to do uki otosh in front of the entire class because we had done it so well last week(not that i do judo very well or anything). after the class my friend told me that i was a good fighter.

near the end there was an excersize were we split up into groups of three (there is a story behind that number that I will get to). any way it was top bottome out. meaning you got to take turns being on the top, on the floor and watching. my other friend got hurt and could only watch. so rineigh and I took turns. we didnot get to rest it was just go, go go. and painfull. that last round I just let her squish me because i was to tired to do anything. then the sensei called line it up and we were done. thank God. I was sweating to bad my shirt was wet. my leggings were wet.everything else was wet.

Monday, August 2, 2010