Saturday, June 30, 2012

so busy lately. :D but that's ok by me. a friend is comine over to stay the night tonight. next week I think i'm giong to a friends to stay the night there, and I"m thinking about a haircut. reeeaaaallly short. :D

Thursday, June 21, 2012

somehow, I don't see how people can just know that God has big planns for me, or that "he has his hand on me," when I"m struggling just to get my school done, i'm so far behind.
I doubt doubt that he has planns for me, I just don't know how they can see that when I cant see very far beyond highschool.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

sunday! the mom has gone to the airport to get my wonderful friend and bring her home. I cant wait to see her.
She has come up to see some of her friends so she's spending the today and tomarrow with us.:D
I's so a'sited. :P

Saturday, June 16, 2012

well, as you probablyknow it is saturday. I knew that as soon as I cracked my eyes open this morning. All I had to do was listen to the differant dinamic on saterday mornings.
saturday is always differant than friday. :D

Friday, June 15, 2012

mom set up a tentative apointment for me., I'M GOING TO SPEN TWO HOURS IN THE MRI MACHINE!!!
that's a long time to not be doing anything. :(

Thursday, June 14, 2012

last night the mother and I watched the last episode of season two in a the series tittled: "Lark Rise to Candleford."
Now, we must go to the library and get third season.
I do like it, though I'm not sure if I like it as much as I like the "Mcgregor Saga." :D
tonight or tomarrow morning mom and I are going to look at Eowyn's and Arwen's dresses form Lord of the Rings. We are going to see the Hobbit in theature when it comes out and we are going dressed up.
the mother wantes one of the elven dresses I think. or Eowyn's white one.
I'm thinking more along the lines of a plane green dress. maybe dark blue. Or red.
the little's costumes we won't start until later this fall so that they don't grow out of them before the hobbit eve comes out.

Oh, my brother also found out that his paperwork went through so he should be inlisting here soon into the military.
I'm so proud, and yet so sad, he'll be loeaving for bootcamp. That means that while he's gone, I will be left home as the oldest. That is a sad though, since out of all my siblings I'm especially close to my brother, and after basic he could be deployed.
I'm also wondering how my friend is doing at her basic training, by now she's been down there over a week. :(

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

so, mom had a docters apointment today so she was gone all morning; so she got my referals for the MRI.
It looks quite interesting actually. :D I'd like to see how this works; getting shots in my wrists didn't feel that great but not excrutiating or anything. so if I have to get more I think it will be ok. ;)
I want to see the images too.
thankfully we are able to get it done locally. :D
I've never had this done before but the X-ray that I saw looked really cool. before I came out of radiology last time the tech showed me one of the pictures and how they could see down my wrist to make sure I didn't have carpol tunnel (which I don't have btw).

My brother also has a new job and hopefully I'll be starting one within the coming months. I'm so excited. Mom and I are already planning what we want to do.going to see friends comes to mind. I can't wait.
the job is babysitting a one year old boy. all week, every other week. :D I can't wait.

I do have to wonder if I will ever get back into Judo though. If everything turns out for the worst as far as my wrists go. another six months and I will have been out for an entire year. That saddens me because I really do love Martial Arts. If I can't do it again because of all the wrist action then maybe someday I'll look into a differant art.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

messy mondays

I am not affiliated with blimeycow or messy mundays, but i thought I'd share it with you.
my word, it has been so long since I post anything at all, and I don't know why.
well the long and short of what's been happening lately is this.
my wrists have been hurting since earlier last year, so about two months ago we went to the doc. Both Dr. that we visited said that the tendon in the back of my wrist was inflamed and was pinching the nerve.
He reffered us to Ocupational Therepy, so that's what I have been doing twice a week for the past two months.
Last week we returned to the Dr. for the steriod shot that he had recomended at out previous visit and some X-rays.
He gave me the shots in my wrists after telling us that there was a black spot in my wrist and that he didn't think that it was anything to be worried about. just a "Anatomic Variable."
On Friday Night my brother took me to see the movie "Batteship." When I got home mom told me that the Dr. had called, were the Dr. said he didn't think there was anything to worry about the radiologist said that we needed to get it checked out.
so, now we are looking for an Orthopedic Surgeon and trying to get an MRI. They think that it could, quite possibly be that one of the bones in my wrists isn't getting enough blood flow and is dying. :(
so that's what's happening lately.