Monday, January 21, 2013

zero dark thirty.

Zero dark thirty.
The movie surrounded with controversy and questions regarding the CIA agent.
The movie rated R for violence, language and nudity.

Yup, went to see it in theatures just last night.
It was a pretty good movie. minus the swearing and nudity, but then, it was accurate to the world of terrorists, torture and spies.

I liked it pretty well.

It's not a movie that I would watch often.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Doctor Who

I received a Sonic Screwdriver for my birthday.
For those of you who don't know what "Doctor Who" is, it is a British Television show about The Doctor, his Tardis, and whatever companion he happens to be traveling with at the time.
TARDIS stands for "Time and relative dimensions in space." The doctor is a time traveler and can travel between solar systems, saving the world from aliens and all that stuff.
DW is written from a Totally secular perspective, so some of the episodes are really interesting. Such as the two episodes in season two who's names escape me. They deal with whether or not Satan really exists. Because it comes from a secular perspective the loose ends aren't completely tied up at the end of the episode.
Satan tells the doctor that he is the sin, the temptation, Satan, and Lucifer, he was before time. The doctor questions how that can be since it didn't fit HIS rule and HIS beliefs. He has to question himself.
But because they cant except that there is a one true faith they can't figure out whether it's real or not.
so, very interesting.
have I really not written since the new year?
watched doctor Who the other night, in which their was an ood.
I liked them.
I haven't written because I had surgery on the 3rd of January and I just haven't written anything.
My brother also left for basic training. I miss him a lot. I miss talking to him. going into his room and sitting on the floor and just talking about whatever or anything that was frustrating or hurting me.
Now his room is unoccupied and my little sister wants it. To me it doesn't matter who gets it so long as one of us does.
Mom said she doesn't understand why the setup cant stay the way it is.
For one thing, I want my own room because right now I can't go into my shared room and just be angry or upset without my roomie coming in and out.
I'm frequently having to chuck my sister's stuff out of mine, which frustrates me.
The boys have had their own rooms for the majority of their lives and I'd like the opportunity to have that experience for a while.
because I share a room, my younger brother thinks he can ask my younger sister to get something out of my stuff just because it happens to be in the same room as hers.
I tried to say I wanted my brothers room but then my sister said she wanted it because she liked the closet setup.
Mom said that if i moved into another room that my sister would miss me.
Personally I think I would to. Bro's room is a little small for a bed so I would have suggested just moving all of  which ever person's junk into that room and they could sleep in the big room, cause I would miss my sister too.
any who.
I do love my sister, but I would like to have my own room.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

new year

Happy new year Everybody!
I'm not sure what to make of this new year or what to expect. In two days I have a surgery to remove the cyst in my left wrist. Hopefully it will work and I'll have the right wrist done. My fingers are crossed that everything will work out and I will be able to go back to doing judo like I was before.
My brother is also leaving in a couple of days for boot camp. I'm sad that he's leaving, he's been one of my best friends.
I'm also, unsuccessfully, trying to get my dad to rent Bourne Legecy.

So I'm looking at the next month with some skepticism.

Do you guys have new years resolutions?

I don't.

I have goals.

Which is essentially the same thing.

I've currently only got three.
1) start running (typical, I know)
2) get back into Judo and have my dad teach me Tia kwon do, which I sort of started and also had to stop.
3) finish my book before my brother gets home, cause it was his idea and we were writing it together and I want to surprise him.

OH, and maybe get caught up on that dreaded thing, SCHOOL. cause i'm like a whale. Barely above C level.
So that should be a goal too.
Although I do pretty good in writing. I have B because this last quarter I wrote my papers in AZ and that was slightly distracting. So they weren't up to par.
It stinks.

This winter has been really weird. There's not much snow for this time of year and it's warm enough to be spring.

So, I need to go sew, I have a dress to finish for my birthday/going away party and I have only two days left to finish it in.
I also need to draw something for drawing class. I'm working on a picture of Friar Tuck, from Robin Hood. The thing that makes it a little difficult is that I can't find the book that the picture is in and the one i'm using for the assignment is an oil painting.

My family and I adopted a cat from the local shelter. She's a sweet little ragdoll with Siamese coloring. Her name is "captain Jack." Captain for short.