Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Writing

The novel contest deadline is later this year, about four months from now.
I pretty sure I can get a novel done in that time. It's the last year that I'm eligible to enter and I want to be able to say that I did.

Occasionally I get inspired. And occasionally when I get inspired I write something mediocre at best.
But here you go. A little peek.
The words of my Villain to my Hero just before they go into their second to darkest hour or something like that.
Pardon me if it sounds too cheesy. I write for pleasure, I'm not a professional.

"Shhh, it's ok to not understand, you don't have to right now, one day you will, its ok. You don't have to do the big things, thats your choice, we all have choices, and sometimes, maybe once or twice in a lifetime we are presented with a really enormous choice. And those choices aren't always between right and wrong, sometimes its just between whats big and whats little, what's easy or what's hard. Sometimes both choices are hard, and sometimes both are easy, and sometimes, every once in a while, theres so many choices they make your head spin. You don't have to keep going. You can go home. You can walk away. You don't have to do this if you dont want to. You dont have to make these choices if you don't feel like it.
But rest assured, if you don't make a choice, one way or another, someone else will, and you might not like the choice that they make."

There you go. That's all.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

He is Risen!

He is risen indeed.

This Easter has been the first Easter in forever that my family has spent just by itself. We were so busy this afternoon that we almost didn't have our tradition Easter dinner, for which I'm grateful. I know there are many people less fortunate than I and my family and I thank God for all that he has given me.
We spent most of the afternoon making pretzels for an upcoming local youth fashion show. One of the seamstresses in the valley started it several years ago and for the past few years has persuaded my Mom to cater it. So for weeks before we're cooking and freezing food. Today was delicious pretzels which took about 4 hours.
It was a lot of fun to spend time all as a family again. We were all at home and most of us helped with the baking. There was talking and laughing and can opening (for which we needed big strong men). There was Carrot souffle making and pet shaming and funny jokes.
Guitar playing and root beer floats.
It is nice that on Sundays we can all be together, my older brother is moved out and josh and I either always working or studying or goofing off with friends, so its beginning to feel rare that we are all together.
Not that it isn't part of growing up I suppose.
I always wanted to grow up, and make big plans. Now I just want to cuddle with people and do grown up things.
Like taxes.
I would much rather spend time with my family than do taxes.
This year was a good year. I'm very blessed to have my family.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My student is Po

Since I am not working at the club anymore I've gotten almost more work than I can manage.
One of the jobs is schooling a student.
Five days a week I will be going to my Boss's shop and doing school with her young son, keeping him on track, going over his work and helping him when he needs it, correcting it and helping him with corrections.
The most popular phrase during school time is "Duuuuude, focus dude. Don't hurl on the shell. Just waxed it, you know."
But it may quickly become, "focus, you can have a snack/break when you finish."
I have become master shifu.


I will teach you small child, just you wait Mr. Higgins- er, small child, just you wait. I will train you. I will find a way.

Monday, March 9, 2015

With What Measure You Judge You will be Judged

Something I've been thinking about a lot lately is gender issues in media. "Hurray, another post about gender!" said all of her readers at once.
A few nights ago my family was watching Doctor Who together and one of the lines that The Doctor says as he jumps on his horse is "I speak horse, his name is Susan and he wants you to respect his life choices."
My Mom actually became quite upset at the show for that one line (and lets not forget Captain Jack Harkness.)
The thing is I expected her to be upset about it, but not as upset as she was.
Because I think we hold slightly different views.
Politically speaking I will refrain from the debate on whether or not gay/lesbian/bi/transgener/questioning people should be allowed to marry people of the same gender.
"How could a sweet, Christian, 'conservative' girl say such a thing?" you ask.
It is simple, Marriage is an institution, a covenant between two people before God (yes, marriage actually is an institution started out of religion), and I personally believe that the government has no place in it. I think the government has as much place in heterosexual marriage as it has in gay marriage. So as long as the government is going to stick it's fingers in traditional marriage the same should be allowed for gays.
Because it is the logical progression of my views on what it means to be a Christian.
To be a christian means that you believed sin entered the world and man entered a fallen state when adam and eve chose to eat the fruit of the garden that God had commanded them not to eat. At this point man's natural state was fallen and sinful.
To be a Christian is actually NOT NATURAL AT ALL. you could even say it's SUPERNATURAL. As a christian you will constantly be surrounded by people who do not believe the same way that you do, because it isn't natural. The natural thing to do is whatever serves you and feels right, but that isn't Christ's way, the way he laid out for us.
When you think of it, it's not non christians shoving their beliefs on us, We were actually sent to bring his teachings to them.
What right have we to be offended when someone says something contrary to what God says is right and true? If they aren't a follower of Christ then why wouldn't they say something like "his name is susan and he wants you to respect his life choices. It's a secular show, it makes no claim to be religious.
Furthermore, our job is not to judge them anyway, our job is to love them regardless of their life choices, like Jesus did.
Because with what measure you judge you will be judged.

Monday, December 22, 2014

OH Holy Holidayz

Its that time of year again, only a couple days till Christmas, which is great, I love Christmas.
If only I had all my shopping done.
My Brother is back for the Holidays, it's good to have him around again.
Of course, with the holidays comes time off for most college students. Not me of course, but most.
With it being December the last installment of The Hobbit has also been released.
And of course with the release of the Battle of the Five Armies comes inspiration to create some of the costumes and props.
With the coming of inspiration comes also the realization that I like making things to fit other people. the costumes that i've made for my sister i consider to be some of my better work.
probably because i'm more likely to take shortcuts with my own work.

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Purpose Driven Life aka "the 'It's not about you," book'

My church up here in the freezing no-where has decided that this semester my college group will be going through The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. It's a fantastic book and one that I think every person should go through, especially every college age kid who's just starting out, or trying to figure out their lives.
The book comes with a study guide for group participation and group questions, during the study I didn't write down my answers to the questions; I wanted to take the guide home, reread it and think about it more thoroughly.

"God created me to love me." (Jerimiah 20:18, Proverbs 16:4, Ephesians 1:4) When did you fist hear about God's love?
I've always known that God loved me, and I've always known that I was created to love him, it kinda followed that I was created to be loved. I was raised in a Christian family, so I just grew up knowing some of these things. Growing up military it was kind of a constant, God was always there, he was always the provider, he always had his best for us even when we didn't feel loved, or when we felt lonely. For me, knowing that God loved me was just a basic part of my childhood.

"I was made to last forever." How does that Statement strike you? Are you encouraged, puzzled, dissapointed, surprised?
Unless you're just some uber depressed person who just doesn't want to live and wants death to be the end all, who doesn't want to see heaven, why would anyone be dissapointed that we were made to last forever and be in the presence of the one who created you so specially?
I'm pretty excited about being made to last forever, it reminds me of the elves from Lord of the Rings actually. I get to go chill with Jesus and learn more about God than I will ever know here, I'll do things I never imagined I could, or at least, that's what i'm assuming.  I find it really hard to believe we're just going to be sitting around playing harps and singing tunes, unless you're a musical person and really enjoy singing and playing the harp, in which case, enjoy your day.
Overall i'm just excited about living forever.

Are you ready to explore the truth about god's plan for your life?
Yes, it's frequently been a struggle to figure out what God wants for my life, and just as often I tend to lose focus from what I believe he's called me to do. While I can quote what I believe He has called me to be and to do backwards and forwards, it's always good to check with my Supervisor Upstairs and see if the game plan is still on track.

What difference could it make if I acted like life is all about God and not about myself?
That's actually a tough question, I'm not perfect, my relationships with other's would be more focused on God and the other person, not what i can get out of the relationship.
I could be more giving with my time and rescourses.
my relationships with the kids I work with would be more "how can I show God to these kids?" and less "How can i make these kids behave for two and a half hourse."
my passions would be more "how does this art, bring glory to God?"

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


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oops, I forgot to get that guy's number

Last time dad and I got the chance to work on the impala we decided that since it is finally fall and it's cold outside that we should pull baby into the garage where it's warmer and the floor is even.
Ya know, an impala is a lot longer than she looks in the supernatural series. She's 18 feet long (to put that into perspective she's longer than my brother's full sized truck.) and barely fits in the garage with room to work.
fun fact 2: I'm only 5'2" so i need a step stool just to reach over the side to the engine.

Anyway, dad and I took out the distributor and the carburetor to reach the intake manifold. 
Let me just say that underneath the manifold was dis.gust.ing. gross. aweful.
so we cleaned her out, replaced the gasket and got the shiny new manifold on her. 

Do you know how long it took to get the distributor back in? Forever. I died and came back cause I couldn't leave a job unfinished. 

then we discovered we didn't have the right bolts to get the carburetor back on. Shock and awe.

Did I meantion I broke the fuel line? yeah, I broke that. it twisted right in half. horrible. Just my luck.

So yesterday a guy came into work and we ended up talking about cars (I asked if he was a machanic, his hands were a dead give away) and he told me he had a whole bunch of parts he could give me cause chevy was his passion. He could even hook me up with a new set of wheels and fuel injection cause carburetors were prehistoric and should be extinct.
I was super excited.
And I forgot to get his number from the sign in sheet.

(this is another reason i cant get a date, I always forget numbers)