Saturday, September 29, 2012

our first snow fell last night.
ugh. I don't even want to look out the window again. it would be long till the world is completely lost in whiteness. You'd think this place was trying to send me over the edge or something...
Mom and I met with the doc yesterday about surgeries for my wrists.
The troops are coming home, so he's booked up for october, but in november I can get my right one done and then my left some weeks later.
so, in a tottal of about five months I could be fighting again. It's a long time away, but at least it's a goal instead of not knowing when i'll be able to do anything.
I don't think I'll be able to snowboard this winter, and that's a bummer, because it takes my mind off everything else about winter, but I want to get this over with.
I'm kinda scared for the surgery though. I've never been under like that, and I hope I don't talk coming out or after anesthesia. that could be very bad.
anywho, that's an update on my life recantly.
oh, yeah, this morning the clonewars season five premeired. that was pretty cool.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ah, so the equenox has passed but five days ago. It was a mildly sad day, becuase now there will be more darkness than light till the spring equinox. It shall get darker everday till the winter solstace. And how it does snow up on the mountains. It is so cloudy now that it is almost as bad as if it were dark all the time, for all the drearyness it brings.
so tra-la-la-lally, here down in the valley
ha ha

My younger brother let me swordfight with him yesterday. tottally hilarious when he ran into the wall.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Meet and greet going on upstairs with yummy food while i'm quarentined to my room with the laptop for company.
not bad actually.
I can right if I can get my brain to proccess that much information.
ah, well.
the family and I watched the Fellowship of the Ring today. Did you know today is Frodo and Bilbo's birthday? celecrated by tolkien fans around the world. :D
I so can't wait for the Hobbit to come out, even if it does come out in three parts....
feeling pretty miserable lately. in a sore throught and headcold kinda way.
so, i'm hanging out in the livingroom watching the tigger movie cause apparently the Left Behind movies are not suitable viewing material for a one year old little boy.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

meanings of names

Today my little brother and I were sitting at the table descussing who was more awesome and cool. him, or me.
He told me, "If you looked up awesome in the dictionary, underneath it in big, block letters would be my name."
So we hopped on the laptop and looked up our names. The results were fascinating.
Both of my brother's names are Hebrew and mean "God is Salvation," and "Servant of the Lord."
My younger sister's first name is hebrew and means "One of purity." Her middle name is turkish/Hawiian and means "Little Princess."
She was described as being beautiful in form and countinance.
As I read the results to my brother this section intrigued me and I kept reading in my monotone till I got to the part about being beautiful. As wich point my comment was, "That explains her great legs."
Mom and dad didn't research our names before they gave them to us. They simply named us.
But for my younger sister to be described as "Pure, a Princess, and Beautiful," is frighteningly accurate.
My little sister is adorable and the baby of the family. Sweet, inoccent, and has a body most teenage girls starve themselves to have. My astonishement knows no bounds.
They say naming a child is a mother's way of prophesying over them.
The urban dictionary says that girls with my sister's name are gorgous and should all be models. every one loves them, they are sweet and kind. fun to annoy and they never get angry with you. (here the accuacy ends because I can make my sister mad).

My elder brother's name is an occupational name. which is cool. I've always like the way his sounded.

My name is differant. It's from the french language and I won't tell you what it is, cause i'm not supposed to give that out over the internet.
But, it's a symbol of Victory. One only the greatest victors are awarded.
My middle name is from scandanavian and means "brave" or "heroic."

The dictionary describes my name this way:
The girl who struts through the hallways everyday looking like a light, vibrant girl. On the outside it's easy to tell that she has many friends from every type of crowd from the popular crowd and pretty much almost all the way to the bottom. She is basically hard NOT to like. What people don't know is that she hides so much and she plasters a smile to her face everyday so people don't know that her life is a total wreck. Everyday she feels like nothing is going for her, when others thinks she's got everything, well she doesn't. A ---- is the last person people would thin to commit suicide but she has considered it. She always deep down doesn't think she deserves the friends she has and is surprised people like her so much, sometimes she feel as people are just trying to be nice. People need to realize all the pressure she goes through each and everyday and love her for who she is. that's all she really needs, love. she is the most beautiful girl inside and out, sent from God. Treat her like an angel. She deserves it.

a girl that everyone wants to be. Usually looks good in just about everything but she doesn't think so. Can act very mature but not afraid to dance in the street. A ------- can be the life of the party but will still get along great with the parents. A beautiful girl who has many friends. Has very deep thoughts about life and not afraid to share them with you. Her beauty will astound you and her smile is captivating. The girl you will never forget

 So there it is. what my names mean. I'm not very brave or Heroic, and I haven't won much, but I do think that my names are the awesomest out of all of us kids.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Last ounce of Courage

I went to see this movie in theature on friday night. I would highly recomend it.
Its the story of an grandfather who'd granson comes to live with him. the boy's father (the grandfather's son) had died fighting fifteen years prior.
The boy challenges his grandfather to do something right now about the fact that our freedoms are being taken away one by one.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ocupational therepy and stuff this thursday.
Party at a friend's house this friday.
Game day at my house this saturday.
Bible study group this sunday.
and somewhere, at somepoint in the near future I have to figure out how to meet up with individual friends for hang time. :D

My brother and I have created *take a deap breath* a gandalf staff.
I went and trudged around in the woods for a while till I found the perfect material. A.K.A. an uprooted, fallenover pine tree. I had to drag it on my own for a ways till my little bro heard me and cam into the woods to tell me that I sounded like a herd of cows.
"Thanks, no are you going to help me carry this thing!"
we took it up to the top of the hill and I measured it and let him use the hand saw to cut it down to size.
then we took turns stripping it and shaping it.
It's gandalf the grey's staff, so the roots are still in tact, like in the movie.
we took it into the garage and used the sander on it, parts of it were still wet so we had to let it dry before we could finish.
i'm so glad that dad's not in state right now, cause we haven't swept the floor or anything.
Last night we stained it a mohogany color.  It looks pretty spiffy.
so glad dad's not home.
I think it might be a little too long, but dad'll be home soon and we can measure it on him and cut it down to size. :D
me likey.
They better let him in the theature with it because what with the sanding and plaining and all that my wrists hurt so bad.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

well, here we are again, I know I was hear last year too.
it's 9/11.
never forget what took place elven years ago today. never forget those who died.
Never forget the men who gave their lives. Never forget.
God bless the U.S.A.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Snow has started coming down the mountains. It happens every year, though it has only been the past year or so that I have come to hate it when that happens.
No, I do not look forward to another winter here.
I can look up at the mountains and love their majesty, but when thoughts of winter and its cold darkness creep up... My whole psyche starts screaming and clawing.
You might not know it on the outside but that's what's going on on the in.
yeah, I don't like winter. Just a little bit there, maybe.
besides the fact that it's frozen and dark all the time....

Friday, September 7, 2012

my great grandfather died this morning.
one of the last of his generation in our family.
rest in peace grandad.
I wrote an essay in an hour today.
I'll post it maybe when I get the results back from my teacher.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My friend is back from bootcamp for a week and then she leaves again. She came over last night and we watched the last of the star wars movies. She fell asleep during the second half and woke up for the ending.
funny conversation:
lil sis: Katie, your arms bend in really far. (she was posting on her arms)
Katie: Ok. that's fine. I don't think our joints were made to be attractive, nesiccarily.
lil bro: Katie, your elbows are so inspiring!
big bro: and you knees are so perfect!
me: Katie, your ankles, they are just a work of art, and have I mentioned your spine?
katie: *is speechless at this point*

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

my friend punched me in the jaw yesterday. I couldn't believe it. she wanted to kill me!
She was chasing me around a piller and I turned to go the oposite direction, blinked and the next thing I know i've got a fist in my jaw and i'm falling all over the school floor! I think my teeth shifted since the last time I got hit in the jaw...