Saturday, August 17, 2013


life got pretty busy lately. God is so gracious. I've been trying to find a job, pretty much any job since I started college, to pay for it. I applied for a cleaning job at a local gym, even though I really didn't want to. bleh. cleaning. Not only did I get a job there, but I got child care which I immensely prefer over cleaning.
Not just one job, but two.
I was offered a job at a local stable, as a feeder, their policy is not to hire anyone under 18, but they made an exception for me. I did not even apply or interview, but the manager offered me the job, thanks to my mom and brothers working there. ;)
Then there is school. I took Introductory Sociology on Monday and passed the CLEP with a 51. it was a difficult test for me, and I've been studying nearly every day for several months. I was tired and I think that played into it.
This last week, if I'm not working I'm sleeping or chilling, I got permission from my coach to take the week off from school cause I've earned it; but I get up and go to work, I haven't even given myself time to eat breakfast, which I don't really mind, I'm not really a breakfast person anyway.
but today is Saturday, and I got to sleep in late. and eat an enormous, leisurely breakfast, without having to worry about being late which did two things.
One, it made me appreciate the weekend more, and work.
Two, it also made me appreciate my Mom more. Due to my own lack of interest in driving, I'm still learning, so mom has to take me or accompany  me places, every week day, and on the weekends, she has to be at her own job early in the morning. She also has to pick me up from my job in the evening, which means she never gets to sleep in and doesn't get to bed early. She is like, supermom. and she's mind. you can't have her.
and she let me pierce a third set of rings in my ears.