Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gimli: By Priscilla


I have been accompanying Legolas into Lorien often in the passing days. The Elves morn daily for Gandalf and many have written laments, the whole forest sighs in grief. I hope he knew what he was doing, "needless were none of Gandalf's deeds in life", says the White Lady. She took Frodo and Sam to her mirror and they saw much, even the wisest cannot tell. Things that are, things that were, and things that have not yet come to pass- yet can change.

We will depart soon.

-Gimli son of Gloin

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

blog change

k, anyone trying togett to "Life through my grey eyes" (formerly Eryniel, Elethwen)
weill have to go to there dashboard to get to it because I changed the URL.
it is now
oh, hey, look at that! a link! lol.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Edain*, you never know what time it is here. No moon to tell time by.
Gimli and dI are getting along better.  He's quite a nice fellow. Most of the time.
I've been taking him into lothlorien with me.
We are leaving tomarrow, I will be staying with the fellowship this night as I have not been.
*Edain - litterally; man.

Haley here,
My friend and mento died saturday would you keep her family in prayers?
and me also,
just because I do not cry does not mean I am not hurt.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Gimli: By Priscilla


We traveled to the woods of Lothlorien after we sat for a small while after coming out of the mountains. Our hearts are and were heavy and hope was beginning to depart. We ran for quite sometime to race the gathering twilight, Goblins would be in the mountains quite soon.

As we entered the wood, we all slowed to a walk. The wood was light, it casted a shade of blue and awed we were whilst we passed. Goblins dare not enter this wood, it is even forbidden to many dwarfs. As I was telling Frodo of the many terrors that could befall him if he did not stay close, we were suddenly surprised by a company of elves. "Dwarfs breath so loud, we could have shot you in the dark!" Indeed!

Aragorn and Haldir argued for sometime, the elves knew they need take the company to the Lord and Lady, but this troubled them greatly, for the ring was with them. And a Dwarf? They had not let my folk pass through the wood since my fathers day, yet they still had him in bonds and his eyes covered. Never have they been welcomed warmly...

They settled on taking us all, next thing we knew we were before the Lord and Lady themselves. The Lady kept our gazes and would see our thoughts. She told us that we are on the edge of a knife and if we stray but a little all will fail. She told us to have hope.

Noro lim!

Gimli son of Gloin

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

LotR meets costumes and camras

what happens when Lord of the rings, Sewing obsesion and a camera colide.
Yup that's me.  got alittle crazy here.  I hpe you have a good laugh.  Don't I look awsome?!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

ok, guys. I'm sorry but I'm waiting on Priscilla before I post more. See ya 'round!

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