Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My student is Po

Since I am not working at the club anymore I've gotten almost more work than I can manage.
One of the jobs is schooling a student.
Five days a week I will be going to my Boss's shop and doing school with her young son, keeping him on track, going over his work and helping him when he needs it, correcting it and helping him with corrections.
The most popular phrase during school time is "Duuuuude, focus dude. Don't hurl on the shell. Just waxed it, you know."
But it may quickly become, "focus, you can have a snack/break when you finish."
I have become master shifu.


I will teach you small child, just you wait Mr. Higgins- er, small child, just you wait. I will train you. I will find a way.

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